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Alain Pichon is highly respected amongst the fashion cognoscenti for his innovative, evolutionary approach to hair. He has completed the dream journey from a local hairdresser to a international hairstylist, developing his skills in all areas of hairdressing; as an artistic director, creating products hairstyles collections, academy teacher, hair show performer, product brand consultant, fashion show head stylist, editorial beauty hairstylist, advertising campaign session stylist, adviser on movie, a BBC ‘Hair’ TV show adjudicator, celebrity hairstylist… he also made an art exhibition out of hair.


Alain practises all kinds of hair techniques from colouring, concocting treatment, hair extensions, unique wigs, refined cuts, technical setting, impressive finish, still life art… anything really to do with hair flair.



Alain has been married to Eva Charlotta since 1993

They have 3 children, Carmen Adora 22, Viktor 16 and Alfons 6.



At 16 Alain started as an apprentice in Cholet France at Michel Brosseau salon, his master taught him the Vidal Sassoon haircutting technique and the Classic French hairstyling technique, both together would create the perfect foundation to what would become a fantastic journey. Alain’s main ambition was to work in England, land of creative hair. He arrived in February 1988 and first worked in Guilford salon called Clippers then moved up to London and worked for Toni & Guy where he very quickly became part of the early artistic team, creating collections, teaching fledgling stylists, performing groundbreaking hair shows and lectured all around the world. All under the mentoring collaboration of Anthony Mascolo, we went on to win British hairdresser and artistic team of 1988/89.


After five years Alain felt it was time to go freelance, as a session stylist. He personally wanted to “have fun, and be creative,” in the fashion industry. One of his first jobs was to create a Madame de Pompadour style powdered wig for a shoot, which he proudly achieved, only to be confronted with a model with a shaved head. “There was nothing to attach the wig to,” he laughs. “I used double sided sticky carpet tape in the end, this job secured me my first agent.


Alain then learnt quickly that you have to be very innovative and ingenious on every photo shoot.” Luckily being creative comes easily to him. He is a true visionary, seeing hair in not only in its conventional form, but a whole concept waiting to be explored. “it’s like a material form ready to be played with“


Once self employed, Alain hasn’t looked back, in love with his craft and independence.


Alain has been represented by Camilla Arthur Management, Untitled Agency, Streeters Creative Management & Production and CLM (London) since 2007.




Growing up in France with three older sisters, Alain was surrounded by a passion for fashion, magazines and beauty. His father, his grandfather and his great grandfather before him were barbers, so it seemed natural for Alain to follow in the family tradition. Only he was always going to be ultimately different. “At 23 years old I left France for England, and never came back” he smiles. “I felt things were more creative there at that time.”




Alain works with world renown fashion photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Mario Testino, David Sims, Glen Luchford, Mert & Marcus, Mikael Jansson, Rankin, Karl Lagerfeld.


Collaborating with designers on fashion shows such as Prada men, Calvin Klein men & women, Roland Mouret, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Akris.


Advertising clients are Dior hommes, Prada, MiuMiu, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Celine, Sonia Rikiel, Moschino, D&G, Hugo boss, H&M, David Beckham brands.


He has cooperated on film commercials with

Wes Anderson (Prada - Candy), Wong Kar-way (Ralph Lauren - Notorious), Guy Ritchie (David Beckham - H&M), Nicolas Winding Refn (D Beckham - H&M bodywear) Matthew Vaughn (David Beckham - Jaguar)


As well as his A list celebrities such as,

Scarlett Johansson (Red Carpet), Britney spears (Toxic video), Kylie Minogue (Album cover), Bjork (Editorial), Claudia Schiffer (Wedding), David Bowie, Sienna Miller, Sting and Trudie Styler, Gwyneth Paltrow (TV), Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham.


Alain also collaborates with many international magazines like Vogue UK US FR JP, Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar UK US, W Magazine, V Magazine, Another Magazine,

Dazed & Confused,  c32d, 10 Magazine to name a few.


He worked on the design of the hair in the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman “with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth by Rupert Sanders, costume design Colleen Atwood


Hair brands and products -

L'Oreal, Aveda, Tigi, Urban Tribe, Tresemme.


Lately he is a judge on a BBC ‘Hair’ TV show, alongside Denise McAdam and presenter Steve Jones.




His easy going nature and ability to express himself makes him popular with the press too. “It’s about being prepared, and thinking through your inspiration, then being able to find the right words to explain yourself, so they can connect with where you are, and what you are trying to express.” His years of teaching students at Toni & Guy set him in good stead for the mayhem of the shows. Both for communicating with his teams and the leagues of journalists eager to pen down his vision. “It means I am confident in explaining my look. Telling my stylists and the magazine press how they can re-create it.”


So just what is it that makes Alain stand out from all the other stylists? Technical genius, an ability to zone in on the zeitgeist and create hair that is breathtaking modern whilst always being beyond beautiful. Plus an easy going nature that makes him a firm favourite with all of those lucky enough to work with him. “I just love the idea of moving things forward, and pushing boundaries,’ says Alain. “with so many great hairstylists, there is constant renewal in hairdressing and I love the opportunity to make a difference and contribute creatively to where fashion is heading. That’s my true passion.”



Prepping in his London studio allows Alain to create the some of his most art minded work with an extraordinary range of shapes and objects from hair. “in my studio I was playing with hair off the head. It was a new medium to me – weaving, moulding and fixing the hair to everyday objects like earrings, handbags, glasses straps, Lamp shades. Then using those creations as his inspiration for hairstyles. Always pushing the boundaries, creating sculptures of hair, modelled with gelatine, spray glue, all of which he exhibited to an awed audience during millennium fashion week.


Alain is now very interested in how fine artists could use hair as their medium.


I love to see hair through photography… I remember a great effect where I superimposed the hair on a print and re-photographed it, creating a 3D aspect to the hairstyle.


Recent editorial work reveals Lily Cole with a frizz of auburn curls that simultaneously showcases Alain’s amazing technical talent, his unwavering grip on fashion’s zeitgeist and his love of making women look beautiful too.  “I guess it’s a French thing,” he shrugs. “You always want your work to be beautiful, edgy and new too. But always beautiful.”

"my web share of passion for hair presenting a selection of my work from the past 30 years. Get inspired + enjoy!"

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